Has Ani-Twitter created a weapon to fight global terror? Plus, Sean Russell’s fresh takes from Otakon.

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Title:  Isis-Chan, Otakon & Everything in between
Subtitle: Has Ani-Twitter created a weapon to fight global terror?
Episode: 128
Runtime: 1:21:32
Recording Date: July 25, 6pm EST
Panel: David J. Majors , Jack Dalton Allistar,  Mega Anime Ultra Marc, Sean Russell



Japanese Fans Rank Anime & Manga with Most Shocking Endings
Behold! Ani-Twitter’s latest masterpiece–Isis-Chan!


Around the A3K Horn

A3K Head Honcho Sean Russell on the ground and on the scene from Otakon 2015~!


Consumption Chronicles:

Marc: JoJo!! It’s the greatest 70s and 80s music reference drinking game. And all the new stuff. GATE is great. Food Wars still shines and is only getting better, and Himouto! Umaru-chan gets my vote for wackiest light comedy show this season. Also PIXELS – buy the ticket for Peter Dinklage alone.
Jack: Gittin’ gud with Under Night: In Birth. Or trying. Come FIGHT me, people! Trying (& failing to get my weekly speeddraw streamed in some way. I watched the first episode of Kyousogiga, & that is all that I needed. I felt motion sick, but also fulfilled. Local bookstore had a Buy Two Get One Free thing, so I bought a small mountain of true crime & victorian novels & a smaller pile of manga. Tokyo Babylon, Blue Exorcist, some good ol’ Kaori Yuki & Monster Infirmary. One of these things is not like the other…
David: The show that will be the topic of It’s In Season—-Prison School. I’m, as they say in the business, saving it for the show.  God Eater is still good.
Sean: Watching Durarara, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Gangasta. and Gate, Ushio and Tora



David: I think I need a day off.
Jack: Tumblr, @JackDTylerD on Twitter & fiverr.com
Visit her Youtube Channel for weekly speeddraw & not-so-weekly Layton Let’s Play videos!
Marc: I love how the three of us are just soaking up all these different shows, and there’s zero overlap. FOR THE GLORY OF ANIME! megaanimeultrashow.com
Sean: Stay tuned for interviews and photos from Otakon soon!

…Bottom line, just listen to A3Kradio & Mega Anime Ultra Show.

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About the author

David J. Majors, also known by a very uncreative nickname, Djm, is the host of Nanashi Anime Podcast. Following in Sean Russell's footsteps, he is the founder, Commissioner of Food & Beverage for Delta Juliet Mike Media, where he hosts "Two Nerdy Black Guys" and "Fanny Pack Wrestling". Check out all things D.j.m. at deltajulietmike.com.
  • Lerkero

    No mp3 download link?

    I don’t t plant to ever attend an anime convention, but for some reason I like hearing stories about them (mostly the awkward stuff).

    • We’ve had some issues with the wordpress site updating. Sean & I are working with the webmaster to get the mp3 up asap. It is still available in podcast form.

      Also, cons are fun. You should consider it. Being around bunches of anime fans isn’t nearly as bad as you may imagine. It’s actually a real hoot.

  • The correct links have been added.

  • Kerberous

    Good luck with Prison School. It’s a special kind of stupid. At least the art is good…

  • Your guest doesn’t know shit about music. Never have him on again.

  • DMarth

    Hamon doesn’t refer to the Hammond Organ. It is the Japanese word for “Ripple”, although that is a reference to a Grateful Dead song.