On this episode, Jd professes her love for Cat Soup, Jahmere share some great news, Cody calls out the entire cast, Sean finds an anime fan in the oddest of places and the entire crew looks at violent anime series. All of this and more on the A3K Podcast.


Episode Title: It’s Guts Time
Episode Count: 82
Run Time: 02:37:53
Taping: July 12, 2014
Air Date: July 16, 2014


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Welcome to this Texas Chainsaw Massacred edition of the A3K Podcast. I’m Sean Russell, your host and Oh No! Joesph Joestar of anime3000.com. Joining us this week we have Jd Banks from the Manga Corner, Cody Baier from The Other Side and Jahmere “My Voice Gives Me Superstrength” Durham from 2 Guys and a Mic.

On this episode, Jd professes her love for Cat Soup, Jahmere share some great news, Cody calls out the entire cast, Sean finds an anime fan in the oddest of places and the entire crew looks at violent anime series. All of this and more on the A3K Podcast.



Akame Ga Kill! (directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, White Fox)

Rail Wars! (directed by Yoshifumi Matsuda, Passione)

Kurogane (by Haruto Ikezawa, Shueisha)

Jd Banks:

Cat Soup (directed by Tatsuo Sato, J.C. Staff)

Dominion: Tank Police (1988) (directed by Koichi Mashimo, Agent 21)


Cody Baier:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures


Space Dandy (directed by Shingo Natsume, Bones)

Bleach (by Tite Kubo, Viz)


Sean Russell:

Akame Ga Kill! (directed by Tomoki Kobayashi, White Fox)

HostGator  (web host)



What’s the most violent anime series that you’ve seen?

Cody: Berserk

Jahmere: Hellsing Ultimate, Elfen Lied, Onepunchman……Berserk

Jd: Violence Jack, Ninja Scroll, Mardock Scramble, Genocyber, M.D. Geist, Gantz, I am a Hero

Sean: Blood C


Evan O ‏@DMarthReturns: Mad Bull 34

Guy Shalev@GuyShalev: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Destroying whole galaxies.

Daniel M. ‏@OtakuDan: it seems that no one has watched Violence Jack.

L.B. Bryant ‏@otakureview: Shigurui: Death Frenzy

Phanto ‏@Phanto: Gantz

Colton ‏@sniperking323: Probably Elfen Lied.

Daniel Kirigaya ‏@djddueces: Elfen Lied.

Jesse P. ‏@CrusherJ: Upon reflection prompted by @Anime3000‘s question, I just don’t know. At this point I think I may be desensitized  to anime violence.

Doctor Flamwenco ‏@Jeroz: the final episode of Blood C still makes me nauseous just by thinking about it

Brian Smith ‏@awesome_engine: Dame Oyaji – 1974 spousal abuse “comedy”

Makalah J ‏@1AndOnlyLuv: Higurashi or Corpse Party. Never again.

James Tuddrussell ‏@Landogellis: Shigurui: Death Frenzy

justin urhammer ‏@loveisdead88: Blood C, Future Diary, Elfen Lied, Another, Deadman Wonderland. Thats what I can think of off the top of my head

Michael Spaulding ‏@spaulding24317: It has to be My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

JackTWD4th ‏@JackTWD4th: A Certain Magical Index. I’ve never seen so many women punched in the face before.

MarkusD ‏@GodSlayer126: definitely Berserk and Hellsing Ultimate

Amon81 ‏@Amon81: I’d say the uncut Violence Jack. The cut version we got in the UK is pathetic compared to the uncut version. Oh and Genocyber.

Chris the Z-fighter ‏@ImmortalZman: Deadman Wonderland

Nathan Le ‏@ItsNathan10: Attack on Titan

Cesar ‏@DonKangolJones: if people aren’t mentioning 80’s anime, then it can’t possibly count.  I’ll say Victory Gundam to be different.

Patrick Prudlik ‏@PDotAlex: My pick would be the rape scene from Paprika. Not really violent in the typical sense, but man, is it uncomfortable to watch.

Miranda Melson ‏@Soul_of_Angels: Higurashi, or Elfen Lied… or Corpse party…

Lord Peothra ‏@LordPeothra: Mirai Nikki & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni are also good examples.

Ash Ketchum ‏@TahkievJones_21: Hmmm. Attack on Titan, Future Diary, Another, and Samurai Champloo

GeekEirePodcast ‏@GeekEire: Hellsing Ultimate, Elfen Lied, and Boogiepop Phantom

Kody Robichaux ‏@FreezeezyPeak: Attack on Titan and Future Diary tied for me, a close second would be Another.

Felo Belmontt ‏@FelipeBelmontt: Black Lagoon, por el momento
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Sean Russell is the owner and executive producer of Anime3000.com.
  • James Tuddrussell

    Shigurui is gorn the anime, more so than Berserk even. As it doesn’t really have too much else going for it. It isn’t really as consistently violent as Berserk, but when it is violent it spares no expense or detail.

    It’s basically politics and talking interspersed with exquisitely rendered mutilation. The violence therefore comes off as more extreme because of the sheer detail involved, as well as how jarring it is.

    Plus, it’s got weird sexual scenes as well.

  • Jimi Fender

    Liam was also Dr Tenma

  • Brandon Smith

    Sean I know what you mean with that school episode and the bunnies putting the people into the bag and, and….. it was just nuts….

    • As crazy as the final episodes were, that bunny episode was off the charts.

      • Brandon Smith

        I had already seen Hellsing Ult and Elfen Lied and bits of Shiki but Blood C literally took me off guard when it hit those last 3-4 episodes. Never gonna forget the kid that almost made it out and got killed by that falling glass, r.i.p 🙁

  • Jahmere is the one who knows the most about Akame ga Kill, but he’s the only one who didn’t pronounce it right. Ah, he’s on a boat now. I is sad.

    Terror in Resonance is not as good as it should have been, but I liked it quite a lot.

  • Flash Fact:

    Michael Martinez is the hugest fan of RWBY- at least when it comes to A3K podcasters.