Jahmere and Mike from 2GAM review FUNimation’s release of Jormungand.

Episode Title:  “Coocoo for Koko’s Pluffs”
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Borderland” by Mami Kawada
Ending: “Loco Koko” by Taku Iwasaki

Jormungand is great action show cut from the same vein as Black lagoon, but the first season ultimately fails to live up the latter’s caliber. The story focuses on a boy named Jonah and his hatred of arms dealers, but through a series of events he winds up working for a eccentric arms dealer in Koko Hekmatyr and her crew of bodyguards. The ending of the first season seems to set up some serious events for the second season, which the guys are awaiting with open arms. The show is discussed, and Mike breaks out a reference so nostalgic that it made Jahmere unable to podcast for a short period of time.

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Jahmere Durham and the “Laughing Man” a.k.a Michael Martinez are the hosts of the 2 Guys and Mic podcast and bring a comedic yet informative approach to their frequent rants on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

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  • Devin Wolfe

    I was waiting for this.

    • Jarrett Beese

      You’re waiting for a lot of things aren’t you?

      • Devin Wolfe

        No not really.

  • Emblyon

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the big shield gardna bit.
    It really made me feel better after what happened yesterday.

    • Jahmere Durham

      Big Shield Gardna for president.

      • Emblyon

        Big Shield Gardna for President of the world.

  • Nah, I can’t put Jormungand over Bebop. Jormungand is super hardcore, no doubt, but Lagoon is something else entirely.

    It’s been a while since this episode, so I don’t know if 2GAM finished this show: Koko’s endgame is fierce. I wonder how Iron Man would be if she was in the suit instead of Stark.