The Other Side gives its review of Kill la Kill.

Episode Title: “Krap la Krap” 
Episode Count: 
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson and LeighAnn Williams
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Caro Emerald” by  The Maestro

It’s rare that an anime comes along that’s so bad, it renders Cody Baier, of all people, nearly speechless. A show so terrible it drains the very joy from his soul. Kill la Kill is just such an anime. But what makes it so terrible? In this episode of The Other Side, the boys dissect the ins and outs of why this is, objectively, one of the worst anime to come out in years. And to provide a little backup, Cody Baier’s partner-in-watching-terrible-shows LeighAnn Williams joins the fray. Usually making observations that are relayed by Cody, this time she’s here to speak for herself! But before all that, the crew discusses another controversy stemmed from the podcast involving some familiar faces!

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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • Cody Baier

    Probably as part of a future episode on even more terrible webcomics.

  • Emblyon

    kill la kill is now finished. 🙂

    • Cody Baier

      And nothing of value was lost.

      • Devin Wolfe

        “Nothing of value to me”

        Fixed your sentence for you.

  • Wakashi

    Well, I finished the show. Was a fun ride. What made it even better was seeing all the energy and excitement that Studio Trigger was having over this series during its run, and staying very active with the online community.

    Oh btw, here’s all those “lonely men” that worked on this series:


    • Cody Baier

      So the creepy-looking sexless men hired some women to work on their wack-off loser show. Really proved a lot.

      How much you wanna bet the guy in the back right isn’t allowed within 100 feet of a school…

      • Max-Vader

        Or the guy on the right, for that matter…

      • Wakashi

        First of all, none of your observations have any proof to stand on since you don’t know them, similar to many of your statements (HxH takes place in a school, yeah right). It’s as baseless as someone accusing you of being a furry because of your comic (I don’t think you are one btw). And “wack-off loser show”? I make fun of shows for having too much fan service (i.e. Highschool of the Dead) but I didn’t get that vibe from Kill la Kill, because just look at it; it’s way too cartoony and ridiculous for me to even comprehend how someone could have that thought in their head.

        • Devin Wolfe

          Well said.

  • Bababooey

    Is there gonna be a part 2 to this podcast now that the series finished airing?

    • Cody Baier

      Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no.

      What else would we have to say besides “yep. Still fucking horrendous”?

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