2GAM heads to the moon to review “Kurau: Phantom Memory” for their 3rd Week Throwback series.

Episode Title: “NOW GPO! IT’S SHOWTIME!”
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” by The Rockapellas
Ending: “Refugee” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Although Studio Bones is mostly known for FMA, and Darker than Black it had a sleeper hit in 2004’s Kurau: Phantom Memory. Although it’s a show with a weak start, Kurau soon delivers on Bones classic interweaving plot mechanic which ties in all the characters story lines together. Decent plot progression leaves enough so that the viewer will want to see what happens next episode, but the pace may be a little too slow for some fans. The guys discuss Robin Williams death and his films, some disney movies, Jahmere tells the tales of how he came into possession of this series at a local convention, what would happen if a voice actor draft was real, and the crew talks about mikes sleeping habits.

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