Cody, Max, and Andrew are joined by a special, unicorn-like guest to take a look at three of the most fan-requested Internet crazies.

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Episode Title: L.L.E. #4: Furries, Teddies, and the Church of Mario
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Associate Producer: David Majors
Executive Producer: Sean Russell


L.L.E. #4: Furries, Teddies, and the Church of Mario:

After 100 episodes, it’s time to finally start listening to their fans! Ever since The Other Side first started doing episodes about crazy people on the internet, there have been a few names that have been requested by the fans numerous times. Three particular individuals you, the Other Side listener, have wanted to hear the guys make fun of since Alex Barry was still the co-host. Well just call ’em your genies, ’cause Cody, Max, Andrew, and special guest LeighAnn Williams are here to make your wish come true. But just who were these three highly-requested wack-a-doos? Well that would just ruin the surprise! You’ll just have to listen and find out!


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