Bad Ass Women in Anime

Who are the most bad ass women in anime? Chime in and vote for your favorites. This is an interactive list, so you can vote for your favorites to move them up the list or even add additional picks. Share this list with a friend and keep checking back to see if your favorites stay in the top spot.

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  • Maj. Motoko Kusanagi of Ghost in the Shell. The ultimate supercop in the battle against information warfare and cyberterrorism. And she rocked purple hair long before anybody else.

  • Jahmere Durham

    Gonna have to go with Revy from Black Lagoon and Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats. No one can really pull off the whole “If theres a job, I’m going to get it done” vibe better than these women here, most likely because they both work for money. You can put homicidal gun toting maid, or vicious drug gangs in their path? They don’t care. Put them up against the KKK or a whole corrupt branch of the FBI? They doesn’t care. Throw in two mentally disturbed murderous Romanian children and the head of a child porn ring that makes its money of brainwashing drugs? THEY DON’T CARE! And the cool thing is, they does it WITHOUT the need of any enhanced super powers, or a friggin magic crystal gem, or a mechanical eye or whatever else the hell anime has come up with these days. Rally Vincent and Revy are the two most badass women in anime. Period.

    • If you press the thumbs up or down by the picture, they change rankings. You can also submit new entires.

  • I must be tired, because I’ve forgotten a lot of names! I’ll be back.

  • Jonathan

    How is Balalaika not ahead of Revy?
    It may just be me, but Roberta too.

    • Go ahead and add them. I’m sure they would skyrocket to the top of the list.

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