In this special Full House edition of the Anime3000 Podcast, the crew breaks down the stigma facing both Japanese and American Otaku. Matthew returns and gives us an exclusive look at Anime Expo 2009. Benu rants about ANN’s yellow journalistic tactics. Joshua shares his distaste for Sean’s dry humor and JD just gets annoyed.

Episode Title: Otaku Rumble: Japan vs America
Episode Count: 026
Run Time: 1:29:31
Hosts: Sean Russell, Joshua Valencia, Jd. Banks, Matthew Callueng
Guest(s): Benu
Download: Click Here

What You Been Doin…
Anime Expo
ADV and Twitter
Battle Royale
Soul Bubble
Anime3000 Manga
Sora Kake Girl


Round Table: What’s Really Popular in Japan?
Popular anime in Japan, primarily children’s programming: Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, Doraemon.….ng-january-5-11


News: Lupin the 3rd verses Conan television special in the works
In a news item coming from Anime News Network, the world’s most famous manga thief and the most popular manga detective will go head to head in a mysterious treasure hunt. It will be formerly announced January 28th in this year’s ninth issue of Shonnen Sunday magazine.….al-in-the-works

Crunchyroll Further Cracks Down on FanSubs
After making the transition to professionally produced content, Crunchyroll still is hosting some fansubbed content. When these titles were brought to the attention of one of the company’s co-founders, he had this to say:

Whether items are originals/fan subbed/dubbed, Crunchyroll is working diligently with all authorized content right holders to ensure that available video content on Crunchyroll is approved and authorized. We’re dedicated to our content partners and the industry and pledge to continuously and actively remove titles on the Crunchyroll site that are not authorized by the appropriate right holders.

To their credit, Crunchyroll is slowly taking down these few titles, which by the way aren’t advertised on their site. The only way to find them is to directly type in its URL.

KadoTV Allows Fans to Sub Popular Anime
After making the transition Kadokawa has put up over 70 videos in a new beta site called KadoTV. This site adds synchronized English or Japanese subtitles underneath its videos. It hosts the first episodes of Full Metal Panic!, Girls Bravo, Goshūshō-sama Ninomiya-kun (link), H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~, Mushi-Uta, Karin, and Kaze no Stigma, with English subtitles.

In addition, kadoTV allows users to add, copy, and edit subtitles for each video. Users can enter text, set timecodes for each line, and format the text in different colors and sizes. The experimental service run will last from January until the end of February.

Huruhi-chan is back, sort of…
The official parody manga of Nagaru Tanigawa and Noizi Ito’s The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will debut its anime adaptation on Feb 13. These popular parodies have been in existence since November 2008. You will be able to see it on Kadokawa Channel on YouTube. Hopefully they will have a subtitled version.

Tarantino Plans New Kill Bill
Production I.G created an additional seven-minute sequence to play as an intermission between both movies, according to Uma Thurman who confirmed that the production would not involve her Bride character. The new sequence is the Kill

Bill Chapter 3: The Origin of O-Ren movie segment.
In response to this new feature, Tarantino said, “It’s not just like slapping the two together,” he says. “There are slight changes, and it has an intermission, like a ’60s movie.”

As “The Bride” takes time to recover feeling on her lower body after waking up from a four-year coma, she reminisces the life of O-Ren Ishii, one of Bill’s assassins who was involved in the wedding chapel incident that nearly took her out of commission. O-Ren is an American of Japanese and Chinese descent who lived near a U.S. military base when she was younger. She became an assassin after Boss Matsumoto’s yakuza clan murdered both her parents.

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