Jahmere and Mike from 2 Guys and a Mic review Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.

Episode Title:  “Jahmere and Mike’s Excellent Adventure”
Episode Count: 
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Sono Chi no Sodame” by Quad City DJ’s vs. YES
Ending: “Slamabout” by Hiroaki Tominaga

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a storied franchise with a loyal fan base, intriguing story lines, and genuinely interesting and (Bizarre) characters. With the 2012 reboot of the anime, fans can now see how JJBA was meant to be shown in animated form and for the most part, Phantom Blood does not disappoint despite being the shortest in the series. The show is discussed, Mike returns form his illness to “break” the podcast, Jahmere talks about their delinquent high school days, is Dio really all that cool of a villain, and who would win in a triple death match between Alucard, Dio,a and Guts?

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Jahmere Durham and the “Laughing Man” a.k.a Michael Martinez are the hosts of the 2 Guys and Mic podcast and bring a comedic yet informative approach to their frequent rants on anime, manga, and Japanese culture.

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About the author

Hey guys. I'm Jahmere Durham, producer and co-host of the 2GAM podcast! I like watching anime (obviously), playing fighting games, and watching sports. Please continue to listen to the 2GAM podcast premiering every monday on the A3K network.
  • Jarrett Beese

    Dario Brando wasn’t all that good of a father I mean in terms of comparison he was like Gambino from Berserk after he lost his leg except Dario didn’t try to kill Dio actually the other way around.

    also in terms of the Ova you talked of in the beginning they released that a bit weirdly with the first half (chronologically) being released in 2000-2002 while the other half which had the true battle with Dio being released like you said in 1993-1994.

  • Cody Baier

    You know, it’s cool that you don’t do serious reviews, but if you’re gonna do jokes you could always do your own instead of referencing an abridged series every five minutes. 😀


    Also TOS did a JoJo podcast before you guys, too.



    And yes, the character from part 3 who raped and murdered Polnareff’s sister was J. Geil, and All Star Battle and Crunchyroll renamed him Centerfold. And Guilty Gear does more than name attacks after metal bands; virtually every character name, and even some character designs, are rock music references. Even the first Guilty Gear game had a stage that was a recreation of an album cover (Eddie’s stage, if I remember correctly).

    And since this post is long enough enough already, here’s all the music references in Phantom Blood, courtesy of the JoJo wiki:

    – JoJo is assumed to be a reference to the Beatles song Get Back. Later it was discovered this was not the case.
    – Dio’s name partially comes from the heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, founder of the band “Dio.” As well as the word Dio being italian for god.
    – Robert Edward O Speedwagon’s name comes from the the rock band REO Speedwagon.
    – The Zeppeli surname is named for the English rock band Led Zeppelin.
    – The name of the 8th chapter is a reference to the Queen song “Ogre Battle”.
    – Tonpetty is named after American musician Tom Petty.
    – Dire and Straizo are named for the British Rock band Dire Straits.
    – Poco’s name comes from the Californian Country Rock band Poco.
    – Wang Chan’s name is inspired by the 80s Pop group Wang Chung.
    – Tarkus is named after the album Tarkus, by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
    – Bruford is named after musician Bill Bruford, formerly the drummer of Yes.
    – Doobie’s name is a reference to the Doobie Brothers.
    – Page, Jones, Plant, and Bonham are named after the four members of Led Zeppelin.
    – The song used for the first ending of the anime is Roundabout by British progressive rock band Yes.
    – The farmer testifying about the presence of Jonathan and party (though he does not know their name) is named Jeff Beck, after the guitarist of the same name.

    • Jahmere Durham

      We reference the jokes from the abridged series for other series as well in other reviews, its just our style of reviewing.


      I had forgot about the series overview you guys did for Jojo. In editing I should’ve said the first “review” for Jojo’s. I had been waiting to use that joke for a long time too! Dammit.

      • Cody Baier

        Yeah but dude, that was abridge overdose. I think you clocked in at 3 references per minute, there.

        • Jahmere Durham

          Eh, it is what it is.

          • I’ve never watched an abridged series. Tumbleweeds roll by often.

  • Wakashi
  • Let’s go to the audience for their reaction to Mike’s new surprise segment!

  • Opening: “Sono Chi no Sodame” by Quad City DJ’s vs. YES – HUUUUUUUUUH??


    • Jahmere Durham

      That was Sean Russell somehow effin up my perfect show notes

      • Effin up? You mean making them awesome and interactive. You’re welcome!

        • Jahmere Durham

          You mixed up the op and end artists! and you forgot to use the right title for the latest ep! Please be more responsible captain!

          • It wasn’t exactly the Kobayashi Maru, Keptin.

  • Let’s go to the audience for their reaction to Mike’s new surprise segment!