Sean Russell, Cody Baier and Jd Banks answer listener questions, recommend some new anime and manga and uncover the secret of the letter R in the latest episode of the A3K Podcast.


Episode Title: PUNks in Rittle Tokyo
Episode Count: 67
Run Time: 01:30:42
Taping: March 22, 2014
Air Date: March 26, 2014

Opening & Closing Theme: Love Sensation by Skankfunk

Welcome to a brand new episode of the A3K Podcast, the official podcast of the A3K Network. I’m your host Sean Russell, executive producer and founder of Joining us as usual, we have Jd Banks from the Manga Corner and Cody Baier from The Other side.

On today’s episode, Jd Banks explains why you’re a punk for watching Detroit Metal City, listeners submit more anime suggestions than our show can handle and Cody and Sean share platonic hugs and bro fists over bad puns, Shinichirō Watanabe and other anime goodness. All this and more on the A3K Podcast.

[00:01:31 – 00:22:30]  Jd Banks is reading Detroit Metal City (DMC), much to the pleasure of Cody Baier. Sean delivers a pun that forces Cody to give him a platonic virtual man hug. Cody has been working in the coal mine and watching Space Dandy as usual. Sean trolls Cody by ripping the first three episodes of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure, prompting round two of Hunter x Hunter vs JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure war. Sean also professes his burgeoning appreciation for Kuroko’s Basketball. He also catches one episode of Golden Time.

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[00:22:55 – 00:35:17] Q. What is everyone excited about for the new season of anime?

Cannot wait for Jojo! Might try Mangaka and Assisstant. – @sniperking323

Mekaku City Actors and Soul Eater NOT! – @InuyashaTakane

Soul Eater NOT – @Bossu_Kuraikore

Stardust crusade!!! Jojo!! – @0Julius0

Haven’t really checked it out but I heard there’s gunna be some great sports anime! – @LalaSoRaw

Definately Jojo! Also would like to check out Haikyuu and Mangaka and Assisstant. :3 – @sniperking323

Stardust Crusader and probably the English dub for Attack on Titan. – @PDotAlex

Abarenbou Kishi looks like fun. Like always, there are just a handful with some promise. I need some JoJos in my life! Where’s the domestic DVD?? – Ken Junior

Really only hyped for Break Blade and hoping they animate all the action scenes that the original OVA skipped. – Daniel Wilson

swordnart online 2 – @DarkShadowZer0

swordnart online 2 – @Crona343

Black Bullet… I want to watch it so badly – @xRealRussia

[00:35:17 – 00:50:23] Q. If you had an opportunity to create an original series with any established mangaka, who would you pick?

Listen to the episode to find out who Jd and Cody picked as their mangaka.

I’d get Tatsuhiko Takimoto\Kengo Hanasawa (whic ever hasn’t killed themselves yet) to help me with the story. And I’d get Motoi Fuyukawa yo draw it for me. – Alex Valentine

I’m thinking either Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball) and Hiromi Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist). I’d lean towards Toriyama, because that’s the first uinique art style I latched onto. – Ken Junior

Naoki Urusawa. Not sure what kind of manga, but maybe a shonen manga solely to see how thought provoking he’d make it. – @PDotAlex

Reki Kawahara, if he fits the meaning of a Mangaka. Hope fully he would help me create another masterpiece like SAO! – @EruditoFollower

togashi and I would create a #theguild manga! – @ErrorMage_TyP0

Either Mashima or Oda – @JonDragneel_

Takehiko Inoue and Naoki Urasawa are my dudes. Depends on what we’re working on. – @EricIsntPunk


[00:50:23 – 01:00:04] New Durarara Anime

[01:00:04 – 01:01:28] Tokyo Ghoul Anime this Summer

[01:01:28 – 01:03:33] New Psycho Pass

[01:03:33 – 01:06:13] Fujiko Mine Spin-Off Movie

[01:06:13 – 01:08:14] Watanabe and Kano Reunite

[01:08:14 – 01:10:26] Space Adventure Cobra on Hulu

[01:10:26 – 01:22:09] Tokyo Anime Awards Festival


During the wrap up, Jd shares some exciting news about a real life JoJo’s in Japan and her plan to start a help line for anime clubs. Cody teaches us how to burn and teases future episodes of The Other Side.

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  • Emblyon

    I never sent one in but the only anime i’m looking forward to this season is “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei / the irregular at magic high”

    • Jd Banks

      Emblyon, you’re right (Kano Yasuhiro)! The only one I’ve read was Pretty Face, which was pretty hilarious. Gotta love Japan’s strange humor…

      • Emblyon

        yeah, though I’d have to say pretty face is my third favourite by this author/artist (still hilarious though).
        -First is Mx0 / MxZERO
        -and second is Harisugawa in the mirror world / Kagami no kuni no Harisugawa.