2GAM attacks “School Days” from Disckotek media, to truly find out what makes it so much of a cult hit.

Episode Title:  “These Hoes Ain’t Loyal”
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Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: “Honesty” by Billy Joel
Ending: “Loyal” by Chris Brown

After 4 years of podcasting, and 15 years of friendship, Jahmere of the 2GAM podcast has finally found the rotten egg of anime. Heralded as one of the most tragic and mind**** ending anime of time, School Days’ true nature is that of the greatest sin that anime may have ever committed. None of the characters in this show are likable, the story takes great lengths to make you believe that females in general are the stupidest human beings on the planet, and the crew discovers that this may be the worse than Eiken. Also talked about are when Mike was picked up by a drunk lady at Chilis, Jahmere goes on a rant about PDA, the podcast gets real on relationships, Tiger Woods’ infidelity, Mike drops a Zatch Bell reference, one of Jim Carrey better movies is talked about, Jahmere creates a new grade, and the 2GAM “Dictionary” born. All this and more on the 2GAM podcast.

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About the author

Hey guys. I'm Jahmere Durham, producer and co-host of the 2GAM podcast! I like watching anime (obviously), playing fighting games, and watching sports. Please continue to listen to the 2GAM podcast premiering every monday on the A3K network.
  • Emblyon

    This anime (or rather its last episode) gave me nightmares for weeks.

  • Who the fuck makes out in the line at Chipotle?! I mean jesus, my girl’s ridiculously affectionate and even she would just start eating my face in the line to order fast food…! What obnoxious douchebag does that?!

    • Jarrett Beese

      It’s a big world out there and there is nothing new under the sun is all I can say to that.

    • Jahmere Durham

      Dude in Florida it happens all the time. ALL THE TIME!

      • I lived in Florida for awhile as a kid and never remember seeing anything like that.

        • Jahmere Durham

          You been gone for too long Cody. Havent you ever seen a Steven Seagal movie? You come back and everythings changed.

          • That was the best answer you could’ve given, well done!

          • Emblyon

            Cody before I forget didn’t you say that you would respect a harem protagonist if he actually slept with the girls?
            I can’t remember if you were the one who said that and im probably wrong but does this one count or is he to much of an a•••••e?

          • I don’t despise Makoto as much as Jahmere does. Because at least he did what any hormonal teenage idiot would do. Him calling Makoto the most evil dude in anime was way over the top. Most despicable (from his point of view) I can get because more despicable villains can have presence, and be cool and entertaining. Just look at Johan from Monster; everyone he didn’t slaughter he psychologically destroyed. He even sent a little girl into the red light district to get raped just because it amused him to do so. But Johan is a powerful presence which makes you “like” him. You enjoy watching him. As much as he effected Jahmere, all Makoto really is is a dumb teenage boy.

            I’d still take Makoto over any other harem protagonist. They’re both cardboard cut-outs who don’t have enough personality to qualify as people (because you’re supposed to project yourself into them), but at least Makoto did what one would logically do if women are throwing themselves at you for your dick. If you were in an anime world where the women were so dumb they’d have sex with you to get you to stop having sex with women of COURSE you take advantage of that!

          • Jahmere Durham

            I called Makoto the worse villain that i’d ever seen because he WILLINGLY toyed with the women in his life. More than once. Everyone makes mistakes, but he made willingly did what he did numerous times, while KNOWING that what he was doing was hurting those who cared for him. Plus the abortion text. That did it for me. (Never seen monster)

          • Dude, most villains willingly do evil shit. Willingly toying with people to get what you want is, like, anime villain 101.

          • Jahmere Durham

            Ok so if it’s doing what evil people do, why shouldn’t I hold Makoto in that category if in my opinion what I think he did is wrong? Extremely wrong.

          • Because he’s nowhere near as bad as actual villains. He’s just a douchebag teenager enslaved by his hormones.

          • Wakashi

            Makato is the reason why 99% of harem protags are afraid to get laid, because they watched this show. An anime theory…

          • Max-Vader

            “Extremely wrong”? “worse villain that i’d ever seen”? All this guy did was cheat on some teenage girls and tell one of them to get an abortion in a roundabout way. On the grand scale of anime villans deeds, that barely registers as a blip. Compared to villains like Wyald from Berserk (psychopath, mass-murderer, rapes and butchers women) or The Mayor from Hellsing (started a war, responsible for thousands of deaths, is a fucking NAZI) he is an absolute joke. Hell, even the most generic, badly written villains at least present some sort of threat to the world or have killed some people. By contrast, he is just a scummy teenager.

    • Probably really fat, trashy ones. Makes me think of the news article about people getting married at fast food places.

  • Jarrett Beese

    Just before I watch this I find myself wondering does 2gam hate this more or less than Master of Martial Hearts.

    • Jahmere Durham

      i’D GLADLY watch MOMH again instead of this rubbish.

  • JeeCay
    • Jahmere Durham


    • Max-Vader

      Based on this video, it seems the most damning thing you could say about this show is that it would actually be BETTER if it was nothing but generic high school romance crap.

    • The uploader can’t count.

  • Emblyon

    I had heard that this game is similar to that game in haganai that sena played(the one with the sharks), that led me to remembering a similar scenario in TWGOK, so I looked for other possible endings an found a list of 10 and I’m told there’s more.

    Ending 1: Sekai ends up with Makoto. They both confess their love for each other at the station Sekai gets off at.

    Ending 2: Due to the fact that it is now clear that Sekai and Makoto are dating, Nanami and the girls in the sports clubs conspire to bully Kotonoha and keep her away from Makoto; Nanami warns Kotonoha about not getting close to Makoto, and later the other girls intervene to bully her and knock over Kotonoha’s homemade lunch which she prepared for Makoto. Makoto learns about what happened by overhearing Otome’s friends speaking about it and later searches for Kotonoha, finding her right when Otome and her friends have her cornered and Natsumi is about to slap her. Then, Makoto intervenes on Kotonoha’s behalf; he grabs Natsumi’s hand and stands up for Kotonoha, lecturing the other girls for being bullies. He then blames Sekai for all the bullying and harshly reprimands her as she cries and apologizes repeatedly. The game ends with Kotonoha and Makoto eating lunch together and then kissing afterwards.

    Ending 3: Sekai’s mother was moving out of town, shortly after Sekai and Makoto had established a relationship. Sekai didn’t put up much of a fight, which made Makoto mad and made Makoto think Sekai wasn’t really serious about the relationship. So to attempt to fix things and get Sekai to be more aggressive in her pursuit of Makoto, Setsuna hatched a plan. She stripped naked, then called Sekai on the phone and then Setsuna and Makoto made pretend sex noises into the phone, so Sekai would think that Setsuna and Makoto were having sex which would make Sekai jealous enough to be more active. Ultimately the plan succeeds. When Setsuna leaves, both Makoto and Sekai go to see her off. Setsuna starts crying after they exchange good-byes, but she still manages to smile and hold up her signature victory sign.

    Ending 4: Sekai and Makoto are in love and decide to tell Kotonoha about it. Kotonoha handles it very badly, even begging Makoto to date her again in Makoto’s apartment. He apologizes to her and declines. Afterwards, Kotonoha quietly tells them that they will never be happy together. As Sekai and Makoto leave the apartment, Kotonoha’s phone falls and shatters on the floor. They then witness how Kotonoha throws herself off the ledge of the apartment, landing head first on the pavement and dying. Just before she hits the ground, Sekai and Makoto see briefly how her eyes are completely lifeless. The epilogue shows Makoto in front of Kotonoha’s grave, a few years after her suicide; it is revealed that he broke up with Sekai, finished high school, is now working with his mom and has never had a girlfriend since, having decided to never fall in love again.

    Ending 5: One day while Kotonoha and Makoto are having sex, Makoto tries to comfort an insecure Kotonoha and tells her that she is the only one for him, and that Sekai is good for nothing. Sekai overhears this and becomes enraged; she goes home, and as soon as she arrives, she throws up in the kitchen. Six months later, Makoto and Kotonoha are on a walk outside, with her talking about having a baby. When they part, Sekai, now pregnant, appears and stabs Makoto in the gut with a butcher knife. After a few words from Makoto, Sekai becomes terrified at what she has just done and runs off. Makoto slowly walks from the beach, trying to go find Kotonoha. But he eventually dies from blood loss.

    Ending 6: Sekai and Makoto are in love. One day, Kotonoha overhears Makoto and Sekai loudly making love to each other, which in turn emotionally destroys her. She spends several hours on her own, emotionally dead, until she suddenly snaps in the snow and laughs maniacally. The next day, as Makoto and Sekai leave the train station, they meet Kotonoha on an overpass beside the station. There is an awkward moment as Sekai lets go of Makoto’s arm, greeting her. Kotonoha says a few words before revealing a saw hidden behind her school bag and swiping it beside Sekai’s neck. After a few seconds, Sekai suddenly bleeds violently and collapses in a pool of blood in front of Kotonoha and Makoto. After Sekai dies, Kotonoha says that she has gotten her revenge. Kotonoha apologizes to Makoto, offers him her saw and asks him if he wanted to take her life. Shocked, Makoto screams and knocks the saw out of her hand. As it flies out of her hand, it leaves a cut. Makoto is frozen in fear. The only thing that knocks him back to his senses is Nanami and Hikari screaming in the background. As he looks at Sekai’s lifeless body, Kotonoha tries to affectionately wrap a scarf around him. Not knowing if she is going to kill him as well, Makoto is scared and starts to panic. He grabs her hand with a tight grip which brings Kotonoha out of her “trance”. Once she realizes what she has done, Kotonoha starts to cry.

    Ending 7: Makoto confesses about his relationship with Sekai to Kotonoha, but this leads to Kotonoha attempting to cut Sekai with a saw, believing she tricked Makoto into a relationship. Makoto intervenes at the last second, but is injured by Kotonoha’s attack. As he recovers at a hospital, he discovers during a visit from Sekai that she had gone to Kotonoha’s house and killed her in order to clean the slate and start over again with just herself and Makoto before he had met Kotonoha.

    Ending 8: Sekai believes she is pregnant with Makoto’s child, but is asked to get an abortion by Makoto; however, she is told to go to the hospital to confirm her pregnancy only to find it to be a misunderstanding. Under the emotional stress induced by Makoto’s request, she stabs him in the stomach to death with a kitchen knife. Soon after, Kotonoha discovers Makoto’s dead body and calls Sekai to the roof of the school using Makoto’s cellphone. After a brief exchange, where Kotonoha shows Sekai the school bag with Makoto’s severed head inside, Kotonoha attacks and kills Sekai with the backsaw that she cut off Makoto’s head with, then cuts her womb open in search of the fetus. Finding nothing, she concludes that Sekai lied about her pregnancy. The ending scene shows Kotonoha on her family yacht clinging to Makoto’s severed head.

    Ending 9: Kotonoha and Sekai admit and accept that they both love Makoto. They both are pregnant, and want to reveal the news to Makoto as a “Christmas Present”.

    Ending 10: Makoto is at home with his mother and receives a picture and letter from Setsuna from France, showing her standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe. She writes: I will be giving birth in Japan, so I’ll return around the time when you get this letter. Please think of a name. Setsuna”. The doorbell rings and Makoto’s chosen lover (Kotonoha if the ending is “Carnal Desire”, or Sekai if the ending is “Bavarois”) comes in, introducing Setsuna to Makoto’s mother as Makoto’s former classmate if Kotonoha is chosen, or as being her childhood friend if Sekai is chosen. Setsuna promptly introduces herself, “I’m the wife,” holding up her pregnancy inoculations booklet and a victory sign.

    • Emblyon

      looks like the anime went with ending 8 and the manga with ending 7.

      • Jahmere Durham

        They….they pretty much just went with the more shocking option. Why is this show such a train wreck?

    • CardinalCrimson

      found a youtube video with some of the endings(it says all, but there are some here that aren’t in the previous list so i think there are a few missing).


      • CardinalCrimson

        here’s that harem ending where no one dies.

        • I’m thinking that you might like School Days.

          • CardinalCrimson

            nah, I’ve never played it, and I’ve only ever seen the first and last episodes, that was a mistake, but in a sense I’m glad i didn’t watch the rest.
            i had nothing much to do today so i re listened to this episode and remembered the list i found and posted before, so with nothing to do i looked for other endings and found these.
            they will show all who look at this comment thread how bad this series is and act as a deterrent against it, or end up making someone send it to Andrew from TOS, either way it’s a win-win(well, not for Andrew).

      • CardinalCrimson

        here’s the setsuna ending, probably the best ending just because no one dies and its not the harem end. plus it looks kinda funny comparatively


      • CardinalCrimson

        a quick compilation of a few bad endings for those who don’t want to watch the all endings video. (this one also has one that the “all endings one didn’t have(an alternate train death))


  • Jimi Fender

    sorry to be off topic here, but Jahmere did you ever see the the Jackie Chan city hunter movie

    • Jahmere Durham

      Youre the second person to ask me that this month. And you’re also the second person to which I say: “I have heard of it, but have not seen it.”

  • Cecilthedarknight_28

    I’m just going to leave this right here.

    • Kerberous

      And here I thought that hug pillows were just for sad people. It’s one thing to hate fictional characters (I freaking hate Rachel Alucard more than I should), but this is taking it a bit too far.

    • Jahmere Durham


  • I suspect that Mike would like Flowers of Evil.