The Other Side takes a look at the Final Fantasy Series

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Episode Title: Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel
Episode: 113
Runtime: 2:40:55
Hosts: Cody Baier, Andrew Erickson, Max Vader
Opening and Ending: The Black Mages – Clash on the Big Bridge

Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel

With a FF7 remake now becoming reality, this major bombshell of an announcement at E3 prompted the guys to take a look at the Final Fantasy franchise. With a focus on what they liked, what they didn’t like, Max’s adventures playing Final Fantasy 13, how time travel is a massive mindscrew, why people seem to forget what Final Fantasy 7 was really like, and why you should never have a geek and a philosopher have a discussion on time travel. And, of course, the answer to the question you’re all dying to know; which Final Fantasy is the best?

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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • CardinalCrimson

    It sounds like Andrews read the LN’s.
    from the sound of it he’s gotten to vol 11, i feel bad cause if you think that’s bad wait
    for whats to come, the bad parts get WAY worse, it gets so bad you feel sorry for the mythological beings the characters are based on, especially fafnir.

  • ShinMegamiSensei

    Yo thanks for this episode. I got introduced to FF with Crystal Cronicles and I+II on GBA now after hearing this I want to go though the other good ones, but I’m currently going trough X.

    I have a theory as to why the 6 and 7 split exist. It has to do with 6 being the last main FF on Nintendo hardware so the people who were Nintendo-only during that time hate 7 for that. Also, the whole putting 6 over and trashing 7 was amplified by YouTubers, mostly the top10 and reviewing TGWG rejects.

  • Kerberous

    I think Razorfist’s comments should be archived for future generations to enjoy.
    Razorfist: Duke Nukem Forever is a good game. Aliens Colonial Marines is not as good as Duke Nukem Forever, but it’s still good depending on what you’re looking for. Ultima Underworld’s alpha is better than any game in the Souls series. I have obviously not played Resident Evil Revelations, but here’s my review telling you why it’s good. Anime is bad because it doesn’t have the budget of Disney movies.

    Looking forward to the DxD episode. Maybe you can tackle the most popular anime according to ANN after that.

    As for why people still think Cloud is emo, I also blame everything he has appeared in after FFVII. Terra is a character that’s kinda emo for no real reason. DC comics kinda summed up the issue with both of these characters well enough.

    • You also forgot “thinks the Star Wars Prequels are good movies, compares them to buck rogers, says Plinkett was full of shit and the people that like his reviews are sheep.”

      Y’know what my favorite part of any Buck Rogers-inspired space adventure is? Endless monotone discussions about trade agreements.

      • DarthYan

        Eh. The prequels aren’t great by any means but anyone claiming THEY’RE THE WORST EVUR LUCAS RAPED MY CHILDHOOD is being silly. By and large yes Plinkett is full of shit.

        • “By and large yes Plinkett is full of shit.”

          Demonstrably false. Opinions on everything discarded. Have a nice day.

          • DarthYan

            Oh noes I don’t agree with red letter media. I could easily state that citing breitbart (a magazine founded by a serial liar who also had ties with white supremacists) Means all your opinions should be discarded yet I don’t do that.

            Plinketts a cretin. Most of his arguments are nittpicks many of the questions he asks are clearly answered….I don’t even like the prequels all that much. Doesn’t make him any less of an imbecile or a liar.

            Demonstrate how my claims are false.

          • DMarth

            Darthyan, you fuck! You bought your rug at Gilman’s Discount Wigs in Jersey, you cheapskate! I know it because I SOLD IT TO YOU!

          • Max-Vader

            “I could easily state that citing breitbart (a magazine founded by a
            serial liar who also had ties with white supremacists) Means all your
            opinions should be discarded”
            Ah, so as long as you think a source is for whatever reason questionable, everything that comes out of it or is associated with it in any way is worthless. Hey, I heard on 4chan that the sky is blue and got convincing arguments why that must be the case, but I guess that’s wrong because it’s on 4chan!
            You fucking simpleton.

            PS: Nice try at burden shifting. You said Plinkett is full of shit. Prove it. And by that I mean actually prove it, none of these vague accursations of “well, to me he’s just nitpicking” or “all his questions have totally been answered but I won’t tell you how or where”.

          • DarthYan

            Conceded then.

          • “(a magazine founded by a serial liar who also had ties with white supremacists)”

            Nice to see you only use your brain to make emotional outbursts in lieu of actually thinking. Which is why I just make fun of you at this point.

          • DarthYan

            I’m talking about Andrew okeefe. He helped organize a meeting of white supremacists in 06 (the chief organizer Marcus Epstein was later jailed for attacking two black women), manned a table at the meeting and had ties with Jared taylor…..a prominent white supremacist. Breitbart tried to downplay the association when okeefe himself admitted it. Breitbart himself was photographed with Matthew heimbach, who would go on to become a neo nazi and was friendly with mark Williams (whose group was booted from the tea party federation after Williams made a racist blog post)

            In the ACORN case it turned out many of the videos were edited and that while inappropriate the actions weren’t technically illegal.

            The Shirley sherrod case was another instance when breitbart edited the footage to make it look like sherrod was racist. Breitbart himself admitted that he edited it.

            When Nelson Mandela died the comments by many included things like “the Obamas back to their roots the jungles and trees of Africa and repeatedly called Mandela a communist (the same argument used by the a partied government

            Its not emotional to call breitbart a liar and a racist. He was both

          • Haha! I know what your sources are, bucko! You’re showing your power level, as they say. Or maybe I’m using that wrong… in fact you’re directly paraphrasing a radical leftist blog in this post.

            In fact, all the points you make here are directly pulled from a handful of radical leftist blogs that are the first results on google you get if you search “Andrew Breitbart white supremacist”. Which tells me you did absolutely no real research on this.

            Either way, I know where your info is coming from and it does nothing but reaffirm everything I say about you. Go back to your tumblr blog and go play with the people who respect your opinions, ’cause lord knows I don’t.

          • DarthYan

            Oh how cute you accuse the people who point this out of being radical. So the southern poverty law center

            (which is among the people making the claims as well) are left wing radicals?


            What about the photos that show okeefe at that conferencw

          • As was said before, tge SPLC is an ideological organization only loons like yourself take seriously. If you’re going to continue this petty, desperate, guilt by association game with this desperate need to label people as racists, bigots, and even neo nazis (being so childish and emotion-driven that you obviously have no grasp of the seriousness of these allegations), then you are without a doubt among the worst kinds of people, you are a piece of trash, and you are not worth my time.

            Now, if you ever decide to grow up and act like a rational adult, then I’ll listen to what you have to say. Until then stop shitting up my comments section with your ideological gutter trash.

          • DarthYan

            Given that of the as of 2012 1007 hate groups on the list 723 where various incarnations of the kkk and white supremecists 112 were black nationalists and many others were holocaust deniers really really far right fun die Christians etc I’m inclined to think that most of the people they label as bigots are indeed bigots. Individuals like Bryan Fischer certainly qualify as hateful shitbags.

            I’m curious as to what groups were labelled hate groups for disagreeing. I’m not being snide I am legitimately curious.

            Furthermore….okeefe himself admitted to being involved with the conference directly contradicting breitbart himself. I have also pointed out the multiple racist comments made during the page on mandela’s funeral.

            and breitbart himself not only admitted to lying but in one instance was called out on it by Ann coulter.

          • DarthYan

            O’keene was a white supremacist. Andrew Breitbart was human garbage and the world is better off without him. Explain why O’Keefe himself admitted to being at the conference. You can’t because you’re a coward.

          • DarthYan

            Again. Are the southern poverty law center radicals? They also accused okeefe of racism alongside the one people’s project.


            And breitbart cheerfully admitted that yes he edited the Shirley Sherrod comments.

            And that’s not even getting into the fact that okeefe and three friends were caught trying illegally break into a senators phone lines by disguising themselves as repairmen


          • The Southern Poverty Law Center is a radical organization, yes. They frequently brand groups they disagree with as hate groups. Very far left, not surprising you turn to them.

          • DarthYan

            Name examples of groups that were labelled hate groups for disagreeing. The various neo nazis certainly seem like hate groups

          • DarthYan

            Also you dodged the issue about how okeefe was arrested for illegally breaking into phone lines and that Andrew b himself was an admitted liar.

          • Max-Vader

            So this Breitbart-guy was in a photo with some guy who would later become a Neo-Nazi and was friends with some other guy who made a racist blogpost. What is this, six degrees of Kevin Bacon: Racism edition?! Let me try!
            Okay, so one of my grandfathers was in the SS, and the SS was an organisation that directly served Hitler, who was a racist, white supremacist and anti-semite. Holy shit, therefore I am a racist, white supremacist and anti-semite! Also, one of my friends from days past became a criminal, therefore I must be a thug too! Holy shit, I should be in jail!

          • And that’s not even counting all the racist redneck family members I have! Holy shit we are learning so much about ourselves today!

          • Max-Vader

            I managed to find a picture that is totally a 100% authentic depection of Cody’s family and he is a racist because of that:

          • DarthYan

            Also you yourself had an emotional outburst about the gay couple in that Christian baker case….while failing to admit the Christian bakers intentionally leaked their address and contact info and caused them to get death threats and jeopardizing an ongoing attempt to adopt children the couple was doing. (doxxing essentially.) kind of hypocritical Cody.

          • What the fuck are you even talking about you emotion-driven twat?!

        • Max-Vader

          “Some of you claim I’m one of those people that say “George Lucas ruined my childhood”. Now that’s just crazy talk. George Lucas didn’t ruin my childhood – FUCKING POLIO DID.”
          Thank you for playing, better luck next time.

          • DarthYan

            How is that a response? It’s cowardly dodging the point at best.

          • Max-Vader

            What point?! You just claim he’s a liar and an idiot and that’s that. If that’s all you have, then that’s beyond pathetic. Come back when you have an actual argument.

      • Kerberous

        If that’s not sour grapes, I don’t know what is. Anyway, just a quick question: Is the stuff written about him on encyclopediadramatica legit?

        I have no doubt that he is a contrarian hipster 50% of the times, but did he really film himself while jerking off?

        • From what I can gather, it’s true. He did do that. But, again, the video was taken down, so all we have to go on is that thumbnail.

  • Jonathan

    Id like it if Remake had real time combat.
    I’m not asking for Bayonetta here, maybe just like what Type-0 did.

    • Jarrett Beese

      Hopefully with less Type-0

  • James Tuddrussell

    Cody is describing a four dimensional view of events. Where time is an inherent aspect of being, which means that everything exists as all points in time that it exists in simultaneously.

    Which means time is not linear, which allows for events with wonky or seemingly non-existent causality. The event he describes is a situation where the cause is also the effect and the effect is also the cause, simultaneously. Which can happen because time is non-linear; it just appears as if it is from a 3D perspective.

    TL;DR In a three dimensional view of the universe things happen for a reason, in 4D things just are and there is no “happen” or “reason.”

    • Max-Vader

      “Cody is describing a four dimensional view of events.”
      He wasn’t, which really undermines your attempt a showing off.

      • James Tuddrussell

        That’s the impression I got from what he was saying. A non-linear event where past and future act as though they are happening at the same time.

  • DarthYan

    I mean okay there was Ben Carson. But they apologized for that