The Other Side takes a look at the Final Fantasy Series

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Episode Title: Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel
Episode: 113
Runtime: 2:40:55
Hosts: Cody Baier, Andrew Erickson, Max Vader
Opening and Ending: The Black Mages – Clash on the Big Bridge

Final Fantasy & Getting Really @#$%ing Confused Over Time Travel

With a FF7 remake now becoming reality, this major bombshell of an announcement at E3 prompted the guys to take a look at the Final Fantasy franchise. With a focus on what they liked, what they didn’t like, Max’s adventures playing Final Fantasy 13, how time travel is a massive mindscrew, why people seem to forget what Final Fantasy 7 was really like, and why you should never have a geek and a philosopher have a discussion on time travel. And, of course, the answer to the question you’re all dying to know; which Final Fantasy is the best?

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