Fightbait and Sean answer listener feedback, address recent anime and site news and give their impressions on both Hyakko and Toriko.

Episode Title: Space Duck?
Episode Count: 050
Run Time: 1:00:00
Host(s): Sean Russell, Fightbait
Download: Click Here

Introduction, Site News, & Anime News | 00:00 – 28:10
We’ve got a great show for you this week. We start things off with some news. Neon Alley is launching new shows in April, lights novels with long names are being made into anime, and the RetroN 5 is bringing back my childhood. We also looked as some feedback and Facebook posts.

The Other Side Promo | 28:10 – 29:10
No matter how many times I listen to this, I will always love it.
What Are We Watching | 29:10 – 01:00:00
Toriko and Hyakko. We also take a look at the DVD Profiler app for iPad.
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