Sean Russell interviews Stu Levy, founder and CEO of Tokyopop. In his first podcast recording, Stu Levy talks about what inspired him to form the company, the future of Tokyopop and its controversial past.


Episode Title: Stu Levy and Tokyopop
Run Time: 00:45:02
Taping: March 28, 2014
Air Date: March 29, 2014

Sean Russell interviews Stu Levy, the founder and CEO of Tokyopop. In his first podcast interview, Stu Levy talks about what led to his decision to start his company, what went wrong and where Tokyopop is going in the future.



[00:00:53 – 00:04:03] Can you point to a moment in your childhood where you realized you wanted to become a storyteller?
[00:04:03 – 00:05:51] You attended multiple universities and worked in various industries outside of anime and manga. Briefly explain how these experiences guided you to become the person that you are today.
[00:05:51 – 00:13:34] How did your time in Japan influence your decision to enter the world of media publishing?
[00:13:34 – 00:17:49] How do you respond to criticism over the way Tokyopop was managed in regard to the eventual closer of your publishing division.
[00:17:49 – 00:31:10] Why did you take the risk of starting the Rising Stars of Manga program and the distribution of OEL titles? Also address some of the controversy surrounding your relationship with the artists.
[00:31:10 – 00:40:24] What is the current state of TOKYOPOP and what awaits fans in its immediate future?
[00:40:24 – 00:41:56] What are some goals you hope to accomplish before you retire, both personally and professionally?

[00:41:56 – 00:45:02] Closing thoughts and Tokyopop announcements.

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