Interesting Characters – Manga Corner

By Jd / January 23, 2013 / Manga Corner, Podcasts / No Comments

This episode shows the ties between manga characters and real Japanese culture from Imran Khan’s and Jd Banks’s experiences in Japan. MANGA CORNER Episode Title: “Interesting Characters” Episode Count: 05 Run Time: 00:38:13 Host: Jd Banks Guest: Imran Khan (JumpCast podcast) Executive...

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Say Hello to the Bad Guy – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 9, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Jahmere Durham and Cody Baier share a few of their favorite anime villains in part one of our two part series. Episode Title: “Say Hello to the Bad Guy” Episode Count: 31 Run Time: 00:52:15 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Jahmere Durham, Cody Baier Download: Click Here FAVORITE VILLAINS Jah...

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