Dragon Ball Z – Podcastu No F: A3K Podcast

By David Majors / March 9, 2015 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / 2 Comments

Dragon Ball Z – Podcastu No F (A3K Podcast) The A3K Crew is all about that Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No F Trailer. And Cody Baier explains why Frieza is the ultimate villain of villains Click here to download the audio version   The A3K Podcast Show Notes: Episode: 109 Runtime: 56:34 Reco...

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Interesting Characters – Manga Corner

By Jd / January 23, 2013 / Manga Corner, Podcasts / No Comments

This episode shows the ties between manga characters and real Japanese culture from Imran Khan’s and Jd Banks’s experiences in Japan. MANGA CORNER Episode Title: “Interesting Characters” Episode Count: 05 Run Time: 00:38:13 Host: Jd Banks Guest: Imran Khan (JumpCast podcast) Executive...

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Criminal Minds – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / November 16, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

Cody Baier and Jahmere Durham share the second part of their favorite villains discussion, as well as featuring original music, our network recap and cool giveaways. Episode Title: “Criminal Minds” Episode Count: 32 Run Time: 00:52:15 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Jahmere Durham, Cody Bai...

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The Philosophy of DBZ – A3K Radio

By Sean Russell / September 28, 2012 / A3K Radio, Podcasts / No Comments

A3K Radio returns with the author of “It’s Over 9000”, our podcaster showcase and several anime giveaways. Episode Title: “The Philosophy of DBZ” Episode Count: 25 Run Time: 00:11:49 Host: Sean Russell Guest: Derek Padula, Jd Banks Download: Click Here THE PHILOSOPHY...

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The Great Anime Debate – A3K Podcast

By Sean Russell / June 21, 2012 / A3K Podcast, Podcasts / No Comments

The A3K Crew conducts a heated debate about the quality of anime over the years. Each host also shares which series turned them into an anime fan. Episode Title: The Great Anime Debate Episode Count: 045 Run Time: 1:41:31 Host(s): Sean Russell, Sean Ryan, Cody Baier, Jahmere Durham, Mike Martinez...

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Justin Cook and Hatsune Miku – A3K Radio

By Mr. Russell / November 6, 2011 / A3K Radio, Interviews, Podcasts / No Comments

This week A3K Radio covers Dragon Ball Z, Hatsune Miku and an interesting art contest for video game fans. Voice Actor Justin Cook, game creator Gregory Willis and publicist Erik Jansen appear on this week’s episode. Episode Title: “Justin Cook and Hatsune Miku” Episode Count: 1...

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Until the End of Time – Bonus Round

By Sean Russell / August 9, 2011 / Bonus Round, Podcasts / No Comments

This episode of Crap Fic Theater features guest voice actors from the world of podcasting. Pamachu was kind enough to invite A3K to participate in their Anne Frank/DBZ fan fiction audio drama. Of course I played the role of Adolf Hitler. Ichigo from Anime Pulse and The Girl Nerd also lend their v...

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DBZ Kai Season One Part Two – Bonus Round

By Sean Russell / February 14, 2011 / Bonus Round, Podcasts / No Comments

Cody Baier, AKA Lord Shmeckie of KUSO!, is back for another Bonus Round review! This time, Cody takes a look at DBZ Kai, specifically Part 2. Covering the end of the famous fight with Vegeta, to the debut of the now-masculine Freeza, this is truly the set that shows the fans how different Kai is....

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