The Other Side reviews 3 more awful webcomics.

Episode Title: The Church of Bad Webcomics
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Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
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Opening: Jamie Christopherson – Collective Consciousness (Metal Gear Rising Soundtrack)

The Other Side is back with a look at three new awful webcomics; The Lounge, The Wotch, and Dresden Codak. Three pieces of crap that have become legends among bad webcomics. Countless reviews have been written compiling all that is wrong with these three abominations unto entertainment, and now The Other Side brings their unique perspective. Of course, that’s not all, as the revolting aspects of Dresden Codak’s plot opens up some deep discussions on meaning and humanity… and then Cody and Max square off in a verbal cage match!

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About the author

The ever-controversial shock jock of Anime3000, and host of The Other Side (alongside Andrew Erickson and Max-Vader), and frequent guest on the A3K Podcast. Blunt, unfiltered, and politically incorrect, Cody's podcast appearances are not for the thin skinned. And be sure to check out his 90's cartoon throwback comic, Cloudscratcher!
  • Viashino_wizard

    Statues and Girls and Werewolves would be a good name for an alt rock band.

    • Cody Baier

      They don’t even exist and I hate them already…

      • Chris Sobieniak

        I wouldn’t listen to ’em!

  • Mikel Crawford

    Aaron thinks he’s clever by having the same name as a Model actor.

  • Max-Vader

    Some of the highlights from his blog:
    -Diaz “fixes” the X-Men.
    -Diaz “fixes” the Justice League, Legion of Doom and Batman.
    -Diaz explains why… well, see for yourself.
    -Diaz praises Sarkeesian for all the “hard work” she has done.

    • Kerberous

      That’s the worst version of Apocalypse I’ve seen and Mystique is a furry.

      “It’s great when people working their butts off get the credit they deserve.”

      Who knew that stealing youtube footage is hard work.

      • Max-Vader

        Hey, YOU try scamming people out of their money while giving them nothing in return. It’s back-breaking!

    • the images below sum up my feelings.

  • JokeName

    Diaz has made the biggest and dumbest computer virus that is and ever will be.

  • Jack Johnson

    On the subject of atheism vs. religion. I came across a wonderful crazy that believed that our country need to segregate and exterminate all people of religion. This was of course because of religious crimes like the crusades and the holocaust.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Someone always has to think of the past.

  • Kice
  • Reviewing shitty web comics this time around eh?? Why do you torment your self so much??

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Some people are on a mission to save us from this dreck!

  • Pen

    I can’t believe the Dresden Codak tumblr wasn’t mentioned. This thing is a pure gold mine of hypocrisy and embarrassing comedy. There’s one post he reblogs that shows a bunch of diversely drawn women (spawned from an art prompt called “Lady Knights”) where he then comments, “I love these so much. Great examples of diverse female designs in a genre in which it’s sorely lacking.”

    Ummm. Aaron? Have you seen your own female protagonist? Kimiko’s body type is blander than a bowl of grits. Skinny in the waist with a generous amount of T&A. But she wears suits sometimes and is half Asian so that fixes everything, right guys? No, no it doesn’t.

    • Cody Baier

      Some of his women characters have bigger boobs than others. To Diaz, this counts as diversity. Truly is a paragon of feminist thoug–oh, wait, Kimiko’s tits are hangin’ out nvm

      Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t have a ton of diversity myself. But I’ll also be the first to admit that’s entirely on purpose; I know HOW to draw a variety of body types, I just don’t want to. I enjoy drawing pretty people. I guess that makes me a misogynist. Better close down the Cloudscratcher tumblr a’fore they come and get me.

      • Pen

        It’s okay to not have a super diversity in body types as long as you’re not trying to paint yourself as having some feminist quota. It’s like whining, “There isn’t enough ethnic diversity in comics!” and then making a comic where everyone is whiter than a KKK member in a snow storm.

        People need to understand that comics are for entertainment, not to fill some political agenda. People like Diaz don’t really want to change the way mainstream comics are, they just want to sit on their asses and make long Tumblr articles complaining about how the media is so “evil.” Can we just have more webcomics like Lackadaisy and stop spawning man child comics?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    It’s a good thing I have never bothered with a webcomic in my life (either doing one myself or reading others), though there is one I do bother with simply because it’s like a present-day Pogo or Bloom County (so no ‘anime’ here though he did do an Attack On Titan ref. earlier)…

    Not having heard of Dresden Codak before, it already sounds like a terrible comic to me with it’s ‘hero’. I remember you guys talked about the right wing nuts earlier (like Linkara’s objectivist beliefs), and for years I thought I was very far left myself but now I think I’m as more centered than before after hearing of that trash. I can see why it’s author has such a bug up his butt whenever someone has the slightest opinion about his integrity (if any at all).

  • Mikel Crawford

    Review in question:

    To quote a commentor:
    “Diaz’s comic feels like smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that he doesn’t understand human-human interactions, doesn’t have the capability to do inner conflict, and doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to bring about characters who express real feelings.”

    In short, he’s just an autist how’s only good at drawing pretty pictures.

  • Hisasi Zing-Zing

    You guys should review some of Bleedman’s comics one of these days. His shit is so awful (besides the art) it’s hilarious. XD

  • DarthYan

    i remember one time in austria people threw a fit about some christmas thing because they were worried the muslims would get angry…..and the muslims were all “dude, we don’t care. It’s fine.” One of the arguments I’ve heard about that south park kerfuffle a few years ago was that during 2001, Muhammed was seen in full on an episode. He shakes he bakes, he controls fire, and not a single muslim complained. He was in the title sequence for 3 seasons. Not a single muslim complained in the slightest. So yeah, there is needless concern about it. It’s like…. how do you combat prejudice (because there is prejudice against middle easterners and muslims in the country) without going overboard about it?

  • DarthYan

    Tennapel has a bit of a persecution complex. He acts like people saying those views are wrong is some attack on his liberty and rights. Or them boycotting his products on kickstarter. I’m sorry but just as he has a right to say his views, people have the right to call him a bigot

    Also he didn’t just say they were gross
    He’s said
    That said, you’re correct that I would deny same sex couples the same standing as married couples.

    It’s less, “don’t love the lord” it’s more “he views gay people as animals and feels that people taking offense is mean.” Tough shit.
    Also what of those right wing idiots that try to “Cure gayness” or the annoka minnesota district where gay kids killed themselves a lot because of pressure from right wing groups? Or when people have denied teaching sex ed or denying contraception (in africa there have been missionaries that have done that) what of homophobia in uganda?)

    Also people could well have been saved by something else.

    • Jesus Christ I know you’re a raging liberal but did you seriously make three ranty comments in a month old episode comments section, 2/3 of them devoted to bitching about religious right wingers? Also…

      “It’s less, “don’t love the lord” it’s more “he views gay people as animals and feels that people taking offense is mean.””

      This is the stupidest interpretation of anyone’s statement I have ever seen. “Views gay people as animals…” You unbelievable moron…

      • DarthYan

        He still seems to think that because people interpreted his comments as being homophobic and bigoted that he’s being persecuted and that he’s oppressed. He’s not. People have a right to te him “those views are bigoted.” I consider homosexuality a little wierd. But it’s not some lifestyle choice . It’s biological and since it’s (unlike pedophillia) harmless gays are entitled to marriage. Civil unions are like marriage so why not just make them allowed to marry. Denying the the right to marry is essentially saying “you don’t deserve this because your not like us. In fact you don’t deserve it because your less than us.” That’s essentially saying gay people deserve less rights than heterosexuals. He also said that the mere act of putting a “stop the ha8” bumper sticker (ie protesting proposition 8 which advocated forbidding them from marrying) is “no differently from calling some a faggot for believing differently.” And that opposing something like prop 8 is religious intolerance. If an artist were to express “the Jews are evil” or “I don’t think blacks are subhuman but they shouldn’t marry white women” and people call them out would that be “intolerant”? No. So why the fuck is someone saying “the idea that gay people marrying is unnatural is homophobic” any different. I’ve known christians who were reasonable wonderful people. They had no problem with people of different sexualities. And there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re religious, your religion makes you happy drives you to do great things and isn’t used to justify the idea of stripping people of certain rights or believing they don’t deserve the same rights than its fine. Most christians are like that. But tennapel is a bigot and he uses his religion to justify those views.

        • DarthYan

          Having calmed down a little id like to kind of apologize. I do agree with some of Cody’s points (there is too much political correctness, islam should be criticized too etc). And I even agree that of religion can inspire a person to do good that’s wonderful. However I feel that since belief systems are man made they are inherently vulnerable to being warped (my dad was raised catholic. He loved the main message of the New Testament but felt that Paul bastardized and ruined it). Also yes doug tennapel makes good stuff

      • DarthYan

        I’m sorry but a.) marriage has been defined and redefined many times b .) that it WASN’T defined as being between a man and a woman as much as a way of joining bloodlines and managing inheritance without conflict c.) that gay marriage is not harmful nor do gays make bad parents any more than straight parents and that the law has been changed (race actually WAS a criterion for many years saying “gays don’t deserve marriage” is saying “gay people are subhuman animals”

  • DarthYan

    and the pledge of allegiance only added under god during the fifties when mccarthy was going nuts.

    Still as long as religion stays out of politics thats fine. If you want to practice religion in private? cool. If you want a law passed keeping gays from getting married because your religion says they’re icky….than I’m sorry but in that case religion needs to go to the wayside