In this week’s episode, our panel continues their gaming conversation to include the newest announcements in gaming. We discuss some breathroughs in handheld gaming as well as some exciting news bits. Evan Minto, Chuck Gaffney, Patz and Joshua Valencia join us for this week’s panel.


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“The Future of Gaming”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Evan minto, Patz, Chuck Gaffney, Joshua Valencia
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Show Notes: 

We weren’t just being lazy with this week’s episode. Honestly, I thought E3 was over the weekend and hoped to have some coverage on this week’s podcast. Granted we did get some big announcements in the news, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I think our conversation touched on some major points and our panel had some really good insight. I’m was particularly impressed with that one panelist named Sean Russell. He has some million dollar ideas… As you can tell, some of us hit the nail on the head when it came to the Sony PSP GO. It’s fun to hear how dated things can get in just a matter of days. I decided not to edit any of that out on purpose. I want you to hear what we thought certain items would be and our impressions on that technology.


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