The Other Side goes over the 2015 spring anime season

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Episode Title: Anime May Live Again
Episode Count: 108
Run Time: 2:25:49
Host(s): Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Executive Producer: Sean Russell
Associate Producer: David Majors

OP/ED: “Seasons” by Sevendust


Review of the 2015 Spring Anime Season

It’s that time again, though thanks to their big buffer window it came late this time! The Other Side looks over another anime season! With this season, the guys find some glimmers of hope (and a couple pleasant surprises) among another sea of garbage. The difference is, this time, there’s a positive trend amongst the garbage. And as an added bonus, the guys come up with more awesome show ideas, then get upset that their show ideas aren’t real shows and we’re stuck with this crap instead…

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About the author

David J. Majors, also known by a very uncreative nickname, Djm, is the host of Nanashi Anime Podcast. Following in Sean Russell's footsteps, he is the founder, Commissioner of Food & Beverage for Delta Juliet Mike Media, where he hosts "Two Nerdy Black Guys" and "Fanny Pack Wrestling". Check out all things D.j.m. at
  • We used Anichart, not Live Chart…

  • CardinalCrimson

    sorry Cody, hate to break it to you but there was a Nunnally rip-off last season, although she wasn’t blind, you can tell she was based on her.
    heck, her brother was a complete rip-off of prince clovis.

    • When I was saying “leave Nunnaly alone” I was referring more to waifu/fetish shit.

      • CardinalCrimson

        yup, they had that too.
        -she was crippled at a young age.
        – later in the series she basically becomes a sadist and uses a whip on various people (some in a torture dungeon).
        -at the very end it turns out that she can now walk and becomes a “badass” rebel leader.
        -there were other things too

        • SeinenNinja

          Let me guess, Cross Ange?

          • Normality

            Yeah, show had this problem of what it wanted to be- Either a Code Geass rip-off or Sunrise’s attempt at Panty and Stocking, but without the “jokes”, more references and a plot involving dragons and robots and a god with a Jafar-style lust for the lead.

            And honestly, I kinda enjoyed the series towards the end. I’m not going to say it was a good series by any means (there’s a shit ton of problems that even plague those episodes). But compared to most of the shows around it. It was above average and a huge step above the first half by comparison.

  • Kerberous

    Even if someone completely ignores anime Ninja Slayer’s completely awful designs, the show is still is a huge disappointment and not funny at all. It is the opposite of funny. Evangelion can make me laugh because of how utterly ridiculous it is, Ninja Slayer can’t even make me crack a smile. I could have written Ninja Slayer’s “jokes” while drunk, high and sleep deprived, and I doubt they would be as bad as Trigger’s work.

    And I completely agree with the dumbed-down designs argument… They turned Vergil into Dildo Robotman.

    • Oh my god, fuck Trigger!

      And they put jokes in it?! Why would you throw jokes in it?! The show is supposed to be comedic in its execution, not some retarded gag show shit!

      • Kerberous

        Wait, it wasn’t supposed to be a gag show? Maybe I should check out the original… It can’t possibly be worse than their interpretation.

  • CardinalCrimson

    Cody, you’re not emphasizing just how awful the perverted super otaku pandering in DxD is, if all of that “stuff” was removed, stuffed in a trash compacter, sealed in an adamantium safe, and launch it into the sun, then it would be a solid C+ to a B- .
    It’s got an ok story with decent antagonists, character backstory and development, and while the female cast are pretty boring and pandery, the male cast is mostly the opposite.

    from what I’m assuming, you don’t know of the “true” depths of its awfulness,like an iceberg you only see 10% of its true size.
    the amount of things that i could list that could(should) be changed/scrapped would take considerable time and effort to make.
    the worst parts could very easily surpass vampire bund and ass toy!

    • We’re well aware, but we’ll get further into Highschool DxD in the future.

  • Protto

    Thanks for the shoutout, y’all.

    Anyway, I thought you were excited about those “Code Geass” OVAs a while ago, seeing as those are the same ones being helmed by the “Heat Guy J” director.

    • I reject everything Code Geass that isn’t the original series because it has all soundly sucked.

  • James Tuddrussell

    Etotama sounds like it is basically Fruits Basket, but pandering to pathetic boys instead of pathetic girls.