The Other Side takes a look at the films of Mamoru Hosoda. Cody, Andrew & Max break down Summer Wars, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children.

Foxes Aren’t Wolves

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Episode Title: Foxes Aren’t Wolves
Episode Count: 102
Run Time:
Cody Baier, Max Vader, Andrew Erickson
Associate Producer: David Majors
Executive Producer: Sean Russell

So there’s this revered director named Mamoru Hosoda who gets all the good reviews on the anime news places and had a movie recently that has caused the word “feel” to get thrown around more than in the testimony of a victim of molestation. But is he really THAT good? Well the boys at the Other Side just had to find out. So just what did they think of the films made by the man people call “The Next Miyazaki”? Stay tuned, folks, ’cause this one’s a hum-dinger!



Chiddy Bang – The Opposite of Adults


Cody’s original (and infamous) review of Summer Wars:

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  • Bonglorio

    Good episode guys.

    where’s the download tho

  • Aythya

    Let’s see!
    1) From what I understand, “ante up” would be the most accurate translation of “koi koi”, meaning they have no excuse for not using it. I mean, even if it’s a lip flap issue, they could have figured SOMETHING out.
    2) The titular wolf children’s names are Yuki and Ame, meaning “snow” and “rain”, due to the snow and rain when they were born. While it’s silly, they are legit names in Japan. I thought it was cute, especially since weather is a thing that plays a decent part in the story, especially the hurricane when the son goes off on his own.
    The Japanese title is Ōkami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki” which is literally “Wolf Children Ame and Yuki”. So yeah, their names are literally in the title.
    3) Those fucking social workers still make me mad. >=(

    • docmelonhead

      Another Useless knowledge.

  • ThisMovieIsRetarded For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie asks why the movie is bad, just show them this clip.

    Good episode, guys.

  • Normality

    I’ve seen all three of this films and of them all, Summer Wars is the one I can remember from the top of my head. And by god, if SAO and the .Hack franchises are the kings of crappy MMO anime, this has to be the prince. The whole thing runs on nothing but contrived plot point after contrived plot point. And Love Machine (which has to be the most stupidly funny name for a malicious AI), wants to destroy the world. Which makes it stupider than just saying it was made by the Americans. Wasn’t too fond of the ending either.

    As for Wolf Children, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have canine on human sex to start the plot? Because I’m highly suspecting one of the writers is a furry. And if that happens to be the case, then it gives me one more reason to hate Japan. I’ve got almost nothing to say about Girl Who Leapt Through Time other than the whole thing with the ‘walnut time machine’ thing would have worked better as a joke in a better written production.

    I will give the films that they have some decent animation and background artwork. But it’s hard to enjoy that when the films lack in the “competent writing” department.

    • Girl Who Leapt Through Time should be rewritten as a comedy, and repackaged as a sequel to Hot Tub Time Machine. Call it Walnut Time Machine.

      • Bonglorio

        Girl Who Leapt Through Time could be made into a pretty good Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode. I can picture it now: Master shake discovers he can time travel by breaking walnuts, he goes back in time to steal a painting to sell online, this causes Carl to get hit by a train. Shake gets cheated into selling the painting at a low price and he goes back in time to re-steal the painting from himself to sell it again for more money over and over and Carl keeps getting hit by the train

      • That film alone kept making me think of “Whisper of the Heart” with it’s backgrounds alone, it certain felt like a Romantic Comedy that didn’t quite know what to do with itself after a while.

    • “As for Wolf Children, who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have canine on human sex to start the plot? Because I’m highly suspecting one of the writers is a furry. And if that happens to be the case, then it gives me one more reason to hate Japan.”

      Or else he’s into “Kemono” crap.

  • tccboss

    As soon as Cody said that the director of these movies was considered the next Miyazaki, my immediate thought was: “ooh boy, here we go!”

  • I suppose I became aware of Hosoda because of these later films, but do remember those first two Digimom movies he mad before (and while it sounds like you guys watched the US “Saban” version, I had to see them raw off VHS I got in a tape-trade 15 years or so back, I know the music was much different, the first movie making use of Ravel’s Bolero for the entire thing, Hosoda certainly had a big head).

    The only one of these three films I did see was “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, I would want to say I liked how decent the animation was in several places, and the story was serviceable enough to work my interest until the end, but yeah, the walnut thing was pretty weak, and the need to see this painting at that particular point in time was also clumsy. The film itself was adapted from a book that was already published on the subject of a girl who did this time-traveling gimmick, but it was technically about another girl who turns out to be the aunt who works int he museum in this film (Hosoda chose to do his own thing here). If I was writing this film, I think a better excuse for this future kid was simply to see the environment that otherwise doesn’t exist where he comes from (especially if it’s the kind that involves red skies, smokey air and having to eat artificial foods all day). I could buy the eco-trip more than I could the painting (they should’ve gone with Italian Renaissance.) Though not discussed in this podcast, I recall thinking as I watched this (and it might be a rumor as well) that his ‘transfer student’ the girl had a liking to might actually be her own son, which kinda makes sense if you consider when she might see him again, but perhaps that’s just my mind playing tricks on me and I don’t have the nerve to go watch this film again to see if I’m right.

    I never seen “Summer Wars”, but the plot of the cooky family sounds a little like “Meet The Robinsons” to me (though without the love angle). I remember AWO doing a review of the film years back and how mad Gerald got at the way IT communications were handled in this film. Though the whole ‘server’ issue may not be too far fetched given how often I’ve been hearing of multiple companies wanting to put Wi-Fi antennas into all sorts of appliances we use in our everyday lives. That’s what worries me sometimes, the way we can replace simple manual control and adjustments with automatic, cellular and net-command operatives. I see that as man’s true downfall but nobody’ll listen to that.

    No with Wolf Children, I simply didn’t care to see it, feel so burned out in later years on keeping up with anything anime-related it seems, but from the story itself, I can tell I would’ve re-written the whole plot (I’ve noticed this since the late 90’s, every film I ever see or hear about, I know I could cobble together a better script than who they paid for it).

    For instance, the father’s death certainly is WEAK. I actually did a drawing I shared with Cody a while back on what I thought made a better noble death for such a character. In my head, there’d be a terrible storm like that hurricane later in the film, but the dad see something happening with a tree that is about to fall on top of someone or something, and he transforms quickly to try to catch the tree and move it out of the way when lightning strikes (either on or near him) causing him to lose control and is crushed by said tree. He basically paid the ultimate price for being a hero (something that could play into the whole stigma with wolves seen as antagonist figures other times). Certainly a better way for the character to leave than what they went with.

    Thinking of Yuki’s revealing herself to her guy later on in that hurricane bit, that is pretty pathetic, really. I’d rather she went through the same sort of situation her father went through before, though this time she does save someone and had to transform to do it. It would’ve been a better callback to earlier in the film but also give her a situation she couldn’t back away from to this shonen figure. Oh well, I can dream. Too bad about Ame and his ‘choice’, being indifferent to everyone and lives alone until he dies because he can’t fuck anything else that is of his kind (either human or wolf).

    And though this is rather a dumb point, in the years of subjecting myself to furry porn, the artists always seem to go both ways with how they handle male genitalia on a werewolf. You get the ones that want to go the animal route, and the penis is a baculum (a bone) held inside a sheath (when drawn, it often points upward if the character was on his hind legs, often making it seem like it would be impossible to go to the bathroom if they can’t point it downwards), other times it’s a normal human penis that is either held in a sheath or simply hangs downward like a humans (which would make sex with a human a lot more compatible I’m sure). You can disregard this last paragraph if you want, it’s all pointless and dumb anyway (as with this film).

    • The eyes thing I could see why they went there in this film. I hate to admit, I would be guilty if I pulled that off in my werewolf dribble as well, I sorta like to have a character that becomes a werewolf at a certain point in his life and is upset nobody recognizes him at all except for someone who could still tell it’s him because of his eyes (the windows into your soul, which Japan loves to do a lot).

  • Peewee Pancakes

    In regards to the digimon movie, the movie itself was actually 3 movies spliced into one because reasons. Summer wars was just a duplicate of “our war game” (or the 2nd arc of the movie) right down to the plot with some differences. Summer wars was shit straight from the cattle pasture. I don’t know how anybody was able to sit through a girl who leapt through time, I ended up stopping after 30 mins and never bothered with it again. Wolf children was alright, but needed a hell of a lot of work. It could have been good, great even but the sloppiness of most of it was grating. And as far as the whole wolf glorification goes, you could say the very same about a couple other animals, Lions as a prime example get glorified to no end.

    • It actually bugged me to watch the compiled version of those Digimon films since I had already saw all three films separate as fansubbed or raw copies before bothering to borrow a copy of the English version out of curiosity. It was day and night. I just could never get into it (let alone Digimon, but thankfully I was already an adult by then). I would say I liked where they went in that second film with the mounting crisis and what the few kids had to do to get it all straighten out. Shame if Summer Wars simply copies this.

      “And as far as the whole wolf glorification goes, you could say the very same about a couple other animals, Lions as a prime example get glorified to no end.”

      I’m sure literature is to blame here (though when I think of one with wolves in it I liked, The Jungle Book isn’t that bad).

      Thinking of the “Fox are not Wolves” thing, there is the familiar Brothers Grimm tail “The Fox and The Wolf” that dealt with a wolf mooching on a fox for the entire winter, with the fox having to outsmart his way out of the bargain (first getting the wolf’s tail stuck in a frozen pond until he had to pull his entire tail out to escape a farmer, then leaving the wolf to get killed in a cellar after gorging himself on food). Typically foxes are seen as tricksters in stories like these. There’s also the classic Reynard the Fox from medieval times where a fox outwits a particular wolf as well.

      • Peewee Pancakes

        That’s some pretty interesting stuff about the fox and wolf, I really need to check up more on Brothers Grimm. As far as misconceptions go literature is definitely a factor, old school cartoons like merry melodies and just plain poorly done research also does that. I chose the Lion in my example because much like the wolf it’s shown as this “proud and noble beast” or the classic “king of beasts” when the reality really doesn’t mesh with fiction.

        For example, Lions have been know to do more scavenging than hunting, something that Hyenas are more famous for. Hell, lions will flat out steal kills from hyenas even when not hungry. When a new male is introduced into the pride after outing old male he will quickly kill off any cubs in the area without any of the females really putting up a fight. Why that is bewilders me considering they will fuck anything else up for even looking at the cubs wrong. Most dangerous thing in Africa? Lol nope, there are 2 things out in Africa that will kill you before a lion: Malaria and hippos, especially hippos. See them flapping ears? Think it’s cute? Nope, that’s them telling you that you have until they dunk their heads in the water (if you’re even lucky to get that) to vacate the area before they chase you down and turn you into a human golf course. Hippos will kill people for little to no reason, even the Nile crocs know better than to start something with them.
        Now I have to also give credit where it’s due, Lions are powerful big cats, taking down shit like water buffalo is not something to sneeze at and at the very least they kill their prey before eating them. Hyenas and wild dogs will eat their food while it’s still kicking. But some times you just have to call it like it is, part of the reason I come here from time to time after all.

        • Well at least you have a a good time seeing this first hand.

  • Emblyon

    ok, ive seen like 5-10 mins of time girl before i gave up, now im glad i did.
    and after your explanation im really confused, because there are 2 different time travel logics together that make no sense when together!

    • Funny you figured out what I already knew 8-9 years ago.

      • Emblyon

        Well to be fair, of what I saw at the time it only showed 1 logic, where she can go back to any point in her history or time/lifeline .
        But apparently this guy just jumps to another time with his body, so if the girl did the same then there should be a hundred copies of herself running around, which makes no sence.