The State of the Anime Industry. Zac Bertschy and Gerald from AWO join Sean Russell and Bradley Meek as they discuss Adult Swim, Moe, the new season of anime, iPhone applications, DVD sales, the fledgling economy and Japanese/American co-productions.


Episode Title: “The State of the Industry 2010”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Zac Bertschy, Bradley Meek, Gerald Rathkolb
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Show Introduction (0:00)

  • Shakeups in anime distribution as well as the evolution its methods.  We will also look at some of the new shows of the season.
  • Zac Bertschy is looking to beef up the manga coverage on Anime News Network. He discusses his review of Dante’s Inferno. He talks about Film Roman, Manglobe and Production I.G.’s involvement in the series. Are his comments racist? Listen and find out.
  • Bradley Meek gives us a detailed recap of Strike Witches and Ghost Hunt. He also goes over some free avenues to watch anime.
  • Gerald was editing the next episode of AWO and is watching the new season, but isn’t too interested in what he’s seen. He is finishing up Shin Mazinger, Second Season of Astro Fighter Sunred and the highly underrated, Michiko to Hatchin.
  • We also look at some of the creepier selections for the Winter Season of anime.

Some of the Shake-Ups Between America and Japan (12:37)

  • We talk about FUNimation’s Blu-Ray practices and its direct relationship with the Japanese market.
  • Bandai and other companies are hyper-paranoid about this topic and have responded accordingly.

Hurdles With Digital Distribution and Anime Companies (16:27)

  • Second Topic: Anime CEOs Taking Pay cuts as a Symbolic Gesture
  • This gesture could be a masked with bonuses or other financial gains in other areas.
  • 4Kids isn’t really relevant in the anime culture?
  • Boxee box and technology catching up with the distribution methods of these shows.
  • Advertising for Digital Distribution and the struggles companies face with raising revenue.
  • Hulu becoming a pay service.
  • Digital distribution’s effect on DVD sales.
  • Avatar the Last Air Bender killed anime on television.
  • Would licensors benefit from working out merchandising sharing with its licensees?


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Technology and Anime (35:55)

  • Streaming Anime on smart mobile devices. Can Hulu and sites like Crunchyroll help digital distribution go worldwide?
  • Is watching anime on an iphone practical? What and who is the audience for these types of devices?
  • We look at the two different models for anime on mobile devices.


New Wave of Anime (43:06)

  • The importance of new anime licenses on television and Adult Swim’s rebirth.
  • Section 23 licensing new anime for DVD distribution.
  • Are we moving out of the dark ages of anime?
  • American Anime Awards?
  • According to Zac, we need more Afro Samurai.
  • Japanese companies are being safe and making Moe shows.
  • FUNimation is doing more co-productions.
  • Will the current trend spark a high quality of anime show?
  • This episode was taped almost a week before FMA: Brotherhood was announced.


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