In this episode of the A3K Panel, Tim Eldred from, Otaku USA’s editor in chief, Patrick Macias and the publisher of, Michael Pinto discuss the controversial life of Yoshinobu Nishizaki. The majority of the episode also goes into the nuts and bolts of Space Battleship Yamato. As a bonus, hear a special version of the Yamato theme song with vocals from our panel.


Episode Title: “Yamato Retrospective”
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Sean Russell
Guest(s): Tim Eldred, Patrick Macias, Michael Pinto
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Song Credit: Breakfast in America by Super Tramp

The Controversial Life of Yoshinobu Nishizaki

The panel discusses how he was the missing link between where anime was in the seventies and where it is today. The success of Yamato brought anime to the next level and inspired the world of Gundam and Macross. Patrick Macias shares a story from Toshio Okada’s book, Will. It takes a while, but the panel really goes into his life and the fact that he is not this beloved figure in anime, but is well respected and important to its popularity. We discuss the Nishizaki Incident involving Osamu Tezuka. Also addressed in this conversation, who created Yamato?

Yamato Live Action Movie

Tim Eldred and Otaku USA has the first review of the new Live-Action movie and we get the first ever review of the review on While Tim doesn’t spoil the movie, he gives us a lot of juicy secrets about the film that will make you want to find a screening at a theater near you. Could it be best picture material? Will it win over a generation of new Star Blazers fan? What did Zac Bertschy say to Tim about this film?

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