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Attack on Titan Live Action, Toonami Anniversary, One Punch-Man Anime, BlazBlue Dub and a Drunk David Major on this week’s A3K Podcast.

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A3K Podcast:

Title: Attack on Titan Live-Action Impressions
Subtitle: Go Home David, You’re Drunk!
Episode: 111
Runtime: 46:57
Panel: Mr. Russell, Jd Banks, Cody Baier, David Majors
The crew at get punch drunk and discuss the rampant xenophobia in Japan and in the casting of the live-action Attack on Titan, anime and manga piracy and why it’s a good idea to buy into crazy, the nine lives of Toonami and why it should just die already, One Punch man being easily one of the most highly anticipated (at least for Mr. Russell) manga series to be adapted into an anime, and FUNimation’s chances of making BlazBlue: Alter memory tolerable.

This episode of the A3K Podcast marks a major change in the format of the show. Moving forward, we are going to split the show up and feature the video in shorter chunks on Youtube. The only way to hear the show in its entirety is to watch it live on Saturdays at 11 p.m. EST on our Official Youtube channel. You can also catch a version (minus the whatcha been…) on our audio only podcasting channel. Throughout the week, we will release video of our discussion topics as well as our Whatcha Been… feature both on our website and our various social media channels.

As far as content is concerned, we took a look at the hottest stories on Crunchyroll and narrowed them down to topics we actually wanted to discuss. We encourage you to join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter by using #A3KLive. Also use the comments section on this page to let us know what you think about the topics we’re discussing and the podcast in general.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you around the site more often.

Discussion Topics:

  1. VIDEO: Teaser for “Attack on Titan” Live-Action Films Announces Release Dates
  1. Japanese Government’s “Manga-Anime Guardians” Has Deleted 700,000 Illegal Files in 5 Months
  1. Happy 18th Anniversary to Toonami!
  1. “One-Punch Man” Cast, Crew, Studio Announced
  1. FUNimation Announces “BlazBlue: Alter Memory” English Dub Cast

Takeaway (plugging time!)

Jd Banks

Cody Baier

Cody’s Album of the Week
Devin TownsendZ2 (Fallout, Deathray, March of the Poozers)



Breakfast in America – Supertramp

Thumbnail and Title Image – Kodansha