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In this episode of the Bonus Round, Sean Russell is joined by Otaku Dan from, Herms from and VegettoEX from Daizenshuu EX to talk about Dragon Ball Z Kai.

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Episode Title: “Dragon Ball Z Kai” 
Episode Count: 
Run Time: 
Sean Russell
Guest(s): Oatku Dan, Herms, VegettoEX
Executive Producer: Sean Russell


About Dragon Ball Z Kai:

This is a comprehensive look into the world of DBZ from some hardcore American enthusiasts. This is a must listen for any any fan of this series. Make sure you listen to the Bonus Round for more audio reviews of brand new anime series as well as discussions and analysis of some of your favorite anime and manga titles.


VegettoEX from Daizenshuu EX
Herms from
Otaku Dan from

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